I already have a hose sprayer. Why should I buy yours?

Firstly, our sprayer surpasses hose sprayers because of its simplicity. Turn your tap on, and the sprayer is activated. No more fighting with your hose sprayer to get it to its target, or back into its hole.

Secondly, our sprayer design means much less likelihood of breakage or leakage with our product. In fact, chances of a plumbing problem are greatly reduced.

And, something you might not have considered, our sprayer leaves both your hands available for the job. Perfect for when you have a two-handed operation, such as rinsing large pots and dishes!

How do the sprayers attach to faucets?

The sprayers and adapters thread on manually to any standard faucet. In rare circumstances, some faucet manufacturers make off-sized threads – but adapters for these non-standard threads are available at Home Depot, Lowes, etc.