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Fluid Thinking

  • Extension arm with four self-locking ratchet joints.
  • Installs in Seconds, no tools required.
  • Soft clog-free nipples.
  • Wide track spread.

Go ahead…admit it…you want a full-throttle high volume power shower.
ThunderHead has leading edge flow design and delivers shower satisfaction. Plus the amazing swivel arm with four self-locking joints gives unlimited positioning. With well over 100,000 units sold in over the past five years, ThunderHead has proven its appeal and reliability.

  • Awesome, drenching power shower experience. Shower satisfaction from ninety spray jets that delivers a spa-like shower that soothes those aching joints and muscles. Washes away shampoo easily and thoroughly.
  • Full spray pattern. Complete body coverage with no annoying holes or gaps in the spray.
  • A whopping 9 inch diameter for wide track, shoulder-to-shoulder coverage.
  • Low water pressure in your home? ThunderHead has design features built in to overcome conditions where water pressure is low.
  • Easy cleaning. Just flick hard water scale from the soft spray jets in seconds. This unit never clogs up. You never have to soak the showerhead in toxic chemicals overnight.
  • Multiple positions from the incredible acrobatic extension arm with its four swivelling joints which pivot into a variety of self-locking positions.
  • Easily installed and tightened onto the shower pipe by hand. No tools are needed.
  • High polish finish and sleek high tech design fits in with all decors.

Flow restrictors are inserted in all ThunderHead showerhead units shipped to the United States, in order to maintain mandated water flow rates of 2.5 GPM at 80 PSI.

Buyers please beware of the several identical-looking knockoffs of inferior quality that are coming in from Asia. Our original ThunderHead is still made in Canada after 14 years of production. Each unit is water and pressure tested. ThunderHead is the real McCoy.

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations.

Plus, you can purchase ThunderHead direct from our factory at a much lower price than that of our imitators.

Does this describe you?

Your morning shower is important to you.

You know that a great shower in the morning can get you geared up for your day like nothing else!

But, are you stuck under a showerhead with that large annoying gaping hole in the middle? What you need is an awesome, full throttle shower.

You need the new Thunderhead — simply because it will give you a wonderful and invigorating shower experience.

You’ll luxuriate in its awesome spray and full body coverage, which comes from the 90 spray jets, evenly spaced across its oversized head.

You’ll finally know the absolute pleasure of a wide-track shower, one without those annoying gaps you get with so many water-saving showerheads.

You’ll get a jet of water that comes straight out of the head — with real power behind it. That’s because of the pressure chamber inside the head that drives the water out straight with no “drooping”, as with so many of those “rain-showers”, that simply limp out. Thunderhead is actually a pressure-booster design.

You will actually be able to clean the Thunderhead yourself! You simply squeeze the large, hollow spray jets to dislodge scale buildup. No longer will you be stuck with showerheads so scaled up from hard water you have to throw them out.

You’ll enjoy multiple positions with this showerhead: positions that you can lock in easily using Thunderhead’s four self-locking ratcheting joints – again, without tools! You’ve never had a showerhead that offers you so many locked-in positions with ease. There’s even a hide-away position that folds the extension arm completely back into itself and out of the way if it is not needed.

You’ll be able to install Thunderhead in a snap, without tools. You simply thread the head right on to the shower pipe and twist it on by hand. It’s that easy.

You’ll be energized and satisfied by the Thunderhead. And you’ll own a showerhead unlike anything else out there.

Your ultimate dream shower has arrived: it’s called the Thunderhead. Designed to give you, quite simply, the most revitalizing shower experience you’ve ever had.

Thunderhead Testimonials

Our customers love the new Thunderhead! Here are some of their unedited, unsolicited testimonials.

“Just wanted you all to know how much we enjoy the showerheads. I installed them over Christmas time, and they work just as we’d hoped. Easy to install, thorough instructions, and excellent water distribution even with the flow restrictor installed. Two of my holiday guests asked for your contact info after enjoying a Thunderhead shower.”
Jan O’Hara
Stem NC

“Our new Thunderhead Shower head is the greatest. We love it, we have been spreading the word like crazy, thank you so much for letting us get one, it’s the greatest shower experience anyone could ask for. Thank you once again and great product, don’t let them change a thing unless it’s for the better, I will be getting another one for my guest bathroom soon. ”
JoAn Shockley
Bellevue WA

“Just to let you know Thunderhead and SinkTastics arrived on the 23rd, installed on the 24th and very pleased with both. I had used two other shower heads of ‘similar’ design without being impressed and didn’t expect much more from this as we live in the country, get our water from a drilled well and so don’t have the big city water pressure. However, there is a big difference and we are very pleased with your product. Good luck with this.”
James Myles
Fairlee VT