If the head uses five gallons per minute, won’t we run out of hot water after one shower?

No! A five-minute shower will use about twenty gallons of hot water, so a family could still take two five-minute showers in a row even at a high flow rate. Again, if you have children, you might want to insert the optional flow controller, included with the product.

What about people with large families who use a lot of hot water?

We include a pressure balance flow controller in the package, which is easy to insert. This device regulates the flow from 5.0 gallons per minute to exactly 2.5 gallons per minute, regardless of your particular water pressure.  This will reduce hot water usage for those that need to.

I have low water pressure. Will this work for me?

We designed ThunderHead to deliver a strong shower even in areas with low water pressure. There is an ultra-thin pressure chamber inside the showerhead that distributes the water flow equally throughout all 90 spray jets.
The shape of the spray jets is actually designed to maximize spray force under low pressure conditions.

How do I clean ThunderHead?

ThunderHead solves this problem without even taking it off the pipe.
The spray jets made of rubber and are large, soft, and hollow.  All you do is pinch them to break up and flush out any build-up. Brush your hand back and forth across the head to remove any sediment that’s collected.

How do I install ThunderHead?

ThunderHead is a snap to install. The coupling fits into the palm of your hand and you can thread it on your shower pipe in seconds by hand – without tools. Teflon tape is provided for extra sealing.