Siroflex Aerators and Sprayers

Deluxe Kitchen Swivel Aerator & Sprayer

The Amazing Acrobatic Sprayer is, quite simply, the world’s best sink sprayer.

Our Deluxe model incorporates our unique, easy-grip head. This provides effortless, fingertip control of the spray and aerator functions, while adding a classic and decorative touch to the sink.

Designed in Italy, this sprayer’s double swivel balljoint design makes all other sink sprayers virtually obsolete, including those snake-like hose sprayers that seem to fight with you every time you try to use them.

This swiveling balljoint lets this aerator and sprayer arc freely in a circle, and at a wider angle than any other sprayer, so it is able to rinse the entire sink surface, top to bottom!

Clean your sink in a wink with the Amazing Acrobatic Sprayer.

Siroflex Kitchen Sprayer and Aerator

Siroflex Kitchen Sprayer and Aerator

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