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Thunderhead®: Showerhead Installation Instructions

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Water volume control

We recommend installing Thunderhead at first without the flow controller in order to obtain the best shower experience.

Flow controller Reduces water flow

However, if water conservation is necessary, insert the enclosed pressure-balancing flow controller. When installed into the threaded shower arm coupling, the flow is regulated at 2.5 G.P.M. ( 9.5 L.P.M.). Place the controller into the recessed hole inside the threaded coupling and press firmly to set it into place. The rubber o-ring must be facing up.

Shower arm coupling


Clean the wall pipe threads, then wrap Teflon tape around the wall pipe thread four times in a clockwise direction. Cover only the top four threads with the tape, leaving two threads at the end exposed. Do not use plumbers putty on the pipe threads, since this could dislodge and block the water flow.

teflon tape on showerhead wall pipe

Thread on the big showerhead carefully making sure not to cross-thread. Do not use tools, as they will damage this product and will void the warranty. Once the showerhead bottoms out onto the end of the wall pipe, grip the coupling as tightly as possible and tighten by hand strength only. By hand the coupling will rotate about 20 degrees and this will lock the unit onto the wall pipe securing it well.

rotate shower head coupling


Thunderhead uses four unique ratchet joints which rotate in opposing planes, thus allowing the head to be placed securely in many positions.

ratchet joints of shower head

When rotating any of the four ratchet joints to change the position of the showerhead, it is important to grip the shower arm coupling tightly. This will reduce stress on the wall pipe connection inside the wall and also reduce the chance that the showerhead itself might un-thread from the wall pipe. Also, rotating the ratchet joints in a clockwise direction prevents the showerhead from un-threading from the wall pipe.

always grip the shower coupling when re-positioning the shower head

Care, Cleaning & Maintenance

Scale Buildup: This unit is designed to remain free of mineral deposits buildup, since the hollow rubber nipples can easily be squeezed to dislodge any buildup. Never immerse this showerhead into the harsh acidchemicals that are commonly advertised for showerheads. It is completely unnecessary to use these products, and will only destroy the finish of the showerhead, potentially damage the ratchet components, and void the warranty.

Exterior cleaning: Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleansers on the exterior surface. Use only mild detergent, vinegar, or one of the new acid-free and non-abrasive cleansers that are available for bathroom fittings.

Flow Blockage: If the flow-controller is being used, it is possible that particles of rust or scale from the water supply may break off and lodge in the flow controller. This would be obvious from the reduction in shower flow. First, remove the shower head from the wall pipe, then try to pick out any debris from the flow controller using tweezers or tiny pointed tool. If the flow-controller must be removed to clear debris, carefully pull it out with needle-nosed pliers, making sure not to break the tabs that hold the o-ring in place.

Factory-sealed unit: Taking this unit apart will void the warranty

Pinch the nipples to dislodge scale

WARRANTY: The Manufacturer warrants to the original owner of this product, that it is free from defects in workmanship and in material for one years from the date of purchase. The Manufacturer will repair or replace any part of this product which in our opinion is defective in manufacture. The warranty will be considered void if the product has been taken apart, subjected to harsh chemicals, or marred by use of tools. The manufacturer does not assume responsibility for blockage or scale buildup problems that are associated with the hardness of the water supply and that should be addressed through maintenance by the buyer. For replacement or repair, the product must be returned to the manufacturer with freight charges prepaid, and including the original store billing receipt.

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