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The Amazing ThunderHead

Introducing the ThunderHead: a revolution in shower design. Its wide track spray, covering you from shoulder to shoulder, comes from 90 spray jets.  That’s right, 90 jets of water, to deliver to you the shower experience you’ve always dreamed of. No more chasing water around the shower stall first thing in the morning, trying to get your whole body wet. Other so-called power showerheads use only half that number!

And that’s precisely why ThunderHead will outperform any other showerhead you’ve ever used or seen on store shelves. Don’t be fooled by oversized showerheads that promise a dream shower, but don’t come close. The unrivalled ThunderHead actually delivers.

No more adjusting your showerhead to find the desired spray setting. When you choose the ThunderHead, you only need one choice of spray. The ThunderHead’s construction is entirely unique. A pressure chamber provides a great spray, even at low water pressure.

Cleaning the ThunderHead is easy and can actually be done without acids or chemicals. In fact, cleaning the ThunderHead takes only seconds. The ThunderHead’s design is especially helpful for those with hard water, who may have had showerheads choked-up, or clogged-up by debris and scale build up inside.

Because of its smart design, you can clean ThunderHead yourself, simply by squeezing the soft, hollow spray jets. Then simply rub your fingers vigorously over ThunderHead’s flexible rubber jets to remove any hard water build-up in seconds. It’s that easy. No need to remove it to clean it, just reach up, and flex the rubber spray jets. That’s it! Scale buildup comes away instantly!

Along with an easy cleanup, you’ll get a pressure chamber inside the head that drives the water straight out with no “drooping” spray as with so many of those metal can “rainshowers” where the water limps out.

ThunderHead’s awesome spray is only one of its standout features. The extension arm has four self-locking ratchet joints, which are completely unique. You’ll enjoy multiple positions that can be locked in easily without having to twist wing nuts. There’s even a hide-away position that folds the extension arm completely back into itself and out of the way if it is not needed. That means you can tailor the height of the shower for adults and kids!

The ThunderHead can be installed without tools in just seconds. It simply threads on to the existing shower pipe and twists on.

Stop dreaming about the perfect shower. Get the ThunderHead and finally enjoy the shower you always knew was out there, but could never find.

Here’s what ThunderHead gives you:

ThunderHead: The Ultimate Showerhead

  • Awesome spray.
  • Wide spray. Full coverage – wide-track.
  • An oversize showerhead with 90 spray jets!
  • Durable showerhead. Built to last.
  • Easy cleaning – An actual clean-it-yourself showerhead!
  • No more clogged showerheads!
  • Easy to install showerhead. No tools required.
  • Acrobatic arm. Provides multi-position showerhead.
  • Adjustable showerhead – ratcheting joints let you easily move into a series of self-locking positions.
  • Works like the space shuttle arm: moves on both the vertical and horizontal planes.
  • Provides a great looking showerhead with a high tech design.
  • The perfect shower for kids!
  • Fabulous value at only $69.95 MSRP.

Finally – the shower you’ve been dreaming of.

Order yours now! Just add to cart on the ‘Buy Now’ page.

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